Hiring a Commercial Exterior Painter

Painting the exterior of your building has a lot of advantages. This is why it is vital that your building is painted well. To attain a well-painted building exterior, you must hire a reliable commercial exterior painter. Here are the things you should check before hiring one:

License and Insurance

These two documents are very important for the painter you are hiring. Without these documents, your business will be liable for any problems that might occur during their services. Check the validity of their license and insurance before hiring their services.

Training and Experience

A commercial exterior painter must be well-trained and experienced not only in painting buildings but with security measures as well. Painting your building would mean sending people to high levels above the ground. If they do not have the right safety measures, they would be susceptible to accidents. You would not want any accidents to happen within your site. Check on the painter’s background to make sure they have the capacity to do the job.


High-quality materials will mean lasting results. You would not want to go for cheap painting materials. You would end up repainting your building’s exterior in a short period of time. The exterior of your building is vulnerable to the elements, after all. You would want the painter to use materials that are meant for exterior painting. It might cost you a little bit more from the regular paint, but it would last longer.


Get an estimate before signing up with a painter. It is better if you know how much you would need to have the exterior of your building painted. Compare the rates that are given to you. The lowest rate is not the best deal, though. Make sure their rates include all the services you need from them.

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