Time to Ring Your Local Commercial Painting Service

Color psychology dictates that a room’s color can directly affect a person’s mood. This fact holds true even in office spaces. The color scheme in your workplace is critical, especially when you want to your team to be positive and inspired to work. Take a look at these top office color scheme trends and get a commercial painting service today!

Stark Black and White

Matte black and an off-white are the shining choices if you ever want your office to exude sophistication.

Shades of Green

The perfect color to paint a busy environment is green. Green brings balance and an outdoorsy effect to any office space. Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017 is even a shade called Greenery. Watch as it evokes a calming, productive energy to you and your colleagues.


A minimalist color palette gaining steam nowadays is pastels. What used to be bold color choices are now the new neutral. Apply a soft shade of pinks, blues, and greens and enjoy an air of harmony in your office.

Blue and Hazelnut

Mirror the colors of the sea with this inspired color combination. A cool blue like Island Paradise is great for encouraging communication and bringing out introverts. When paired with a sleek, neutral brown shade like hazelnut, it encourages creativity among your team members.

Nobody wants to work in an office that’s dull and bleak. If you’ve a great color scheme in mind, why not try it out? A great commercial painting service is never out of reach. We at F and L Painting and Repairs take pleasure in what we do and will strive to make your office or home stand out. We cater to clients in the El Paso, TX area. Call us now at (915) 329-2227 to book appointments!