The Intelligent Residential Painting Service

Residential painting service can transform your home. It can achieve such thing without the steep price of an all-out home renovation. Doesn’t that sound nice? Of course, it does. Now, the bigger question is who should do the job? When it comes to painting jobs in El Paso, TX, you can never go wrong by asking the help of F and L Painting and Repairs. We confidently offer our help in transforming your home because we have seen how our work has pleased our former customers. You can know how we accomplish such task by studying our methods.


Interior Painting

When we carry out this specific residential painting service, we would inspect your drywall or whatever surface that we will work on. They have to be completely smooth and clean so that our work will last a long time.


When we can see that your interior walls are ready to be painted, then we would proceed with the project. The color scheme for a certain room would depend on its function. But we do not shy away from utilizing neutral colors. This might seem to be a boring choice. But you should not worry about such thing because we can amplify the aesthetic value by taking care of the small details. Simply put, we might paint the architectural trims with something bolder.


Exterior Painting 

The preparation that we will carry out on this kind of paint job will be as meticulous as the one that we carried out in our interior painting. We would recommend colors that would complement the existing landscaping design.

You can trust that F and L Painting and Repairs has your best interest at heart. It has been proven by so many households in El Paso, TX that our painting services can reinvent homes. So what are you waiting for? Call us now at (915) 329-2227 for top-notch residential painting service!