The Reliable Residential Painting Service in Your Area

Are you in a need of a painter who can understand your needs and always bring the quality to your home? If you are the owner of a property that is now kind of old and needs refreshing, painting is one of the most reliable and affordable ways to freshen up your living environment for you and your family’s comfort. We live in the 21st century and not every homeowner can afford to remodel or give their property a new look. Painting is a responsible job because you need to know the customer’s preferences. If you are a painter and you mess up the colors that can be costly for the customer because they trusted you with their investment and someone has to pay for the new paint. We, at F and L Painting and Repairs are always aware of all the risks. Located at El Paso, TX, we are a team of well-trained specialists who are dedicated to providing all the customers with the following services:

Residential painting service

Whether it’s a whole painting job of every inch of your home, or it’s just a minor color refreshing project, we are able to do it. The way we work is very reliable: we come to your property to inspect it and after the inspection is done, we give a piece of advice for what’s best for people’s properties if they don’t have any ideas what colors they prefer for their walls. If the customers have a painting idea that they want to be realized, this is best for us because no time is wasted, and we get straight to business. Same goes for our commercial clients – we can bring back the colors to their commercial buildings and contribute to creating their perfect working environment. At our company, we make sure our customers will get nothing but a quality commercial or residential painter service.


Exterior Painting Service

 We can also be the company that can offer you a reliable residential exterior painter. When it comes to exterior painting, safety is number one priority and we have nothing but the best safety equipment, so we can prevent any accidents.

We can be your reliable painting company and if you ever need new colors for your home or commercial building, choose a local interior painter from our company. Our commercial and residential interior painter uses nothing but professional equipment and materials.

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